Biography of Speaker

Susan Costonis


Susan Costonis, is a compliance consultant and trainer. Her 37 year career in banking and training began with 20 years at First National Bank, in Fort Collins, CO. Susan has been a bank compliance consultant or compliance officer in Louisiana since 1998. During her career, Susan has successfully managed compliance programs and exams for institutions supervised by the OCC, FDIC, and Federal Reserve. These banks ranged from being affiliates of multi-state holding companies to a locally owned de novo bank. She is a Certified Regulatory Compliance Manager and completed the ABA Graduate Compliance School. Susan graduated from the University of Akron with a B.S in Art Education and the Graduate Banking School of the University of Colorado. She has presented training to thousands of financial institution employees through webinars, in-house training and compliance schools throughout the country. Susan uses real life examples and humor to translate complex regulations into a positive educational experience.