HR Audits: A Vital Tool to Avoid Liability

Duration: 90 minutes

Speaker: Ronald Adler



Webinar Description

A recent HR Audit survey by Bloomberg BNA produced important results. 29% of the 400 respondents conducted both regular and ad hoc HR audits. Of those businesses, 76 % conducted HR audits annually, 84 % included an audit of their recruitment, selection, and hiring processes, and the audits performed by 53 % of the respondents identified problems that exposed these employers to liability under various employment and labor laws.


Numerous external forces and factors have had an impact on the demand for and scope of HR audits. First, in the global economy, human capital has become for many organizations the single most important determinant of competitiveness, productivity, sustainability, and profitability.


Second, a confluence of economic, political, and social factors, including corporate scandals, the failure of the financial industry to adequately assess risks, and increasing stockholder initiatives, has resulted in increased need for internal and external audit activity.


Third, governmental agencies have become more aggressive and have committed more resources to conducting assessments of employment policies and practices of employers. Importantly, the EEOC, the OFCCP, the DOL, and ICE have advised employers that they consider self assessments and audits a "best practice."


How effective is your organization's human resource management? Is your human capital helping you achieve organizational objectives? Are your employment practices creating material legal risks and liabilities? Are HR audits a part of your Enterprise Risk Management activity? This webinar discusses the development and use of HR Audits as a vital business practice to answer these questions and address critical risk management and due diligence issues.





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