Workplace Violence and Bullying: How to Prevent and Reduce an Employer's Liability

Duration: 90 minutes

Speaker: Joseph B. Cartafalsa, Esq.


According to government data, nearly 2 million American workers reported having been victims of workplace violence each year, with millions of more cases going unreported. Homicides are the fourth leading cause of death in the workplace and, among women, are the leading cause of death in the workplace. Workplace violence often results from issues with disgruntled or terminated employees and from domestic violence that carries over into the workplace. Workplace violence is estimated to cost American business over $6 billion dollars annually. Managers, human resource professionals and co-workers are often untrained in recognizing and preventing workplace violence.


With the prevalence of email, instant messages and social network sites, employees have increasingly been complaining of "bullying" on the job. Although "bullying" itself is not yet deemed to be harassment under federal or state employment laws, bullying often leads to EEOC claims or lawsuits alleging harassment or other legally recognized causes of action. This webinar will include discussions of harassment issues that relate to violence and bullying.


In response to high profile suicides resulting from bullying, almost half the states have proposed legislation to create a specific cause of action for workplace bullying. Much of the proposed legislation is similar to anti-bullying statutes in other jurisdictions, including, Quebec, Canada; the United Kingdom; and Australia.


It is more important than ever to understand the legal issues regarding workplace violence and bullying of employees by fellow workers. In many instances, workplace violence can be avoided or minimized if its warning signs are recognized and addressed early. Similarly, many bullying claims, and their resulting legal liability and bad publicity, can be avoided with proper training and with proper policies in place.


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