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FASB’s New Revenue Recognition Rules: Learn How to Comply

Duration: 90 minutes

Speaker: David E Sanders



Webinar Description

The FASB’s Revenue Recognition Rules are changing! Starting in 2016 and continuing over the next three years, companies must change the way they record revenue. The new recognition standard will eliminate the transaction and industry specific revenue recognition guidelines under current GAAP and replace them with a principle-based approach for determining revenue recognition.  Attend this webinar to gain an understanding of the elements of the new revenue recognition rules so your organization can prepare for theses changes by developing a program management team and updating business processes and internal controls.


During this webinar you will learn how the new revenue recognition standards will impact consistency, comparability and disclosures and will simplify the preparation of financial statements. In addition, we will evaluate how the new standards will affect your business’s operational and performance metrics, contracts, compensation plans, accounting policies, internal controls and tax matters.





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