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Coping with an Employee's Mental Illness: Relevant Laws and Best Practices

Duration: 90 minutes

Speaker: Deirdre Kamber Todd, Esq

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Webinar Description

Some illnesses or injuries at work are easy to spot: the broken leg, the hacking cough, the twisted knee -- easy to see and comparatively easy to address. Mental illness, not so much. From depression to addiction to bi-polar disorder to PTSD, employers face huge hurdles when assessing and addressing mental illness in the workplace. Mental illness, in and of itself, is complicated: often invisible, it is hard to comprehend, awkward to discuss, and nearly impossible to know whether it is organic, caused by work or home, rooted to addiction, physiological or biological in nature, or related to medication. Now, add to the confusion a variety of federal and state law requirements for employers. Add in abuse by employees who feign illness. Add in jury verdicts of hundreds of thousands of dollars in individual lawsuits.... the issues continue to mount. In sum, dealing with workplace mental illness can challenge the sanity of even the most well-meaning, generous, and responsible employer. 

This program offers employers familiarity with and a game plan for managing these issues.





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