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COVID-19 Legal Claims: Document Those Claims like a Legal Expert

Duration: 90 minutes

Speaker: Deirdre Kamber Todd


Webinar Description

We know that the stigma and health information sharing related to COVID-19 is just starting to generate massive claims and lawsuits as related to discrimination and retaliation.   Lawsuits related to COVID-19 are expected to snowball exponentially as the courts and government agencies return to operation.  So, how can employers start to prepare now for the deluge of claims anticipated in the near future?  By preparing documentation just as a lawyer would.  It is all too easy to forget to document reasons for furlough or disciplinary issues while in the midst of a pandemic, but those omissions will come back to haunt employers once the lawsuits are filed.  What employers interpret as "for the good of the organization" is going to fly directly in the face of employees who feel they were singled out, were "accused" of COVID-19, were placed on FMLA or the Families First Act, or were ousted from employment. 


Employers need to be prepared to defend themselves against these claims.  The best way to defend yourself is not just simple as “documenting," but documenting like a lawyer to maximize efficiency, efficacy, and success.   This program will teach you how to analyze situations quickly, how to document events the right way, how to draft documents like a lawyer, and how to avoid the pitfalls that most employers fall into that cause them to lose.  By learning four easy methods, you will improve every communication you make and every document you create.  These four techniques, the POWERPOINT method, the FUNNEL method, the NATO’S DC method  and the CIRAS method will enable you to become a better speaker, a more adept investigator, a more efficient and effective notetaker, and an excellent and persuasive writer.



We will cover:

The COVID laws:
1.  Families First Act
2.  ADA

The Four techniques: 

1.  POWERPOINT method for improving your speaking skills
2.  FUNNEL method for improving your questioning skills
3.  NATO'S DC method for improving your documentation skills
4.  CIRAS method for improving your writing skills



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