Customer Complaint Tracking and Response: Solve the Problems Before the CFPB Steps In

Duration: 90 minutes

Speaker: Ron L. Brown


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Webinar Description

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB )is still in its infancy and is beginning to flex its regulatory muscles.  Where customer complaint tracking and responses are concerned, the CFPB is just now establishing the boundaries of its supervision and enforcement powers.


The CFPB is a COMPLAINT DRIVEN entity, and it has provided a financial institution’s customer with numerous ways to file a complaint against a lending institution or its third party service providers.


No longer will complaints about the customer’s problem with your company be sent to you in a letter. Mailed correspondence has been replaced by an easily accessible CFPB online internet portal that facilitates the easy filing of a complaint with this federal agency.


Don’t become a target of the CFPB.  Learn from an expert how to track and respond to customer complaints internally and avoid the involvement of the CFPB with customer disputes.





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