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The Effects of Marijuana Legalization on the Workplace

Duration: 90 minutes

Speaker: Deirdre Kamber Todd, Esq




Webinar Description

The US has evolved from the "Just Say No" culture of the 1980's to the legalization of marijuana use.  Not only have several states legalized pot use, others now protect the use of medical marijuana from "discriminatory" employer practices.  


Too many employers are misled into believing that if their state still bans marijuana use they are safe from this changing tide in the law.  Not so.  Numerous federal laws, as well as conflicts between federal and state laws, directly impact employers as to marijuana use in the workplace. Regardless of geographic location, every employer must understand the effect in the workplace of both (1) marijuana legalization on its business, and (2) the growing tolerance in our society for the use of marijuana.  This webinar by employment law attorney Deirdre Kamber Todd will offer you compliance tools and best practices to keep your company’s drug use policy both legal and in focus.





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