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Employee Background Checks for Financial Institutions

Duration: 90 minutes

Speaker: Dr. Jim Castagnera, Esq.


Webinar Description

Employee background checks are an inescapable reality for financial Institutions. And while developing and administering an appropriate background check program has always presented tricky compliance issues for banks and credit unions, regulatory and legal developments in this area have made compliance both more challenging and more important.


Financial institutions face greater potential challenges and pitfalls in conducting background checks, as they are subject not only to industry-specific background check laws and regulations, but also have to deal with the laws and regulations that impact employees generally.


From the EEOC's oomprehensive guidance on the use of criminal background checks, to the CFPB's regulations regarding background checks for loan originators, financial institutions face an alphabet soup of legal requirements in implementing a background check program.


What's more, states are increasingly adding to this mix by taking up the issues of employer use of criminal background checks and credit history reports.


This webinar is designed to help financial institutions safely wade through the legal issues associated with employee background checks. It will provide a comprehensive overview of the laws governing employee background checks conducted by financial institutions - including both criminal background checks and credit history reports.


Please join attomey Jim Castagnera as he guides you through the complicated issues financial institutions face in complying with the sometimes confusing and seemingly conflicting requirements surrounding background checks for employees.





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