Park Avenue Presentations

Excel Dashboards for Everyone

Duration: 90 minutes

Speaker: Melissa Esquibel


Bonus for Each Registrant:The webinar speaker will answer one written question that you may submit by email within one week after the webinar.


Webinar Description

You don’t need to peek inside your car’s gas tank to see if it’s close to empty, right? You also don’t have to take wind measurements to find out how fast you’re going! Why? Because you have meters and dials on the dashboard of your car to tell you what’s really going on. Microsoft Excel can do the same thing for your data!  With a few fundamental data analysis tools, you can be well on your way to creating Excel dashboards that will inform and motivate you and your colleagues. You can use dashboards to show:



In this session we’ll lead you through:

This session assumes a foundational skill level with Excel. You should be able to enter data in spreadsheets, sort it and perform a basic SUM function to add up values across a row or down a column. This session will not only introduce you to dashboards, but beef up your Excel skillset as you learn important techniques that have wide applicability to all your data projects.



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