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Fearless Performance Reviews: Tips for Translating the Dreaded Performance Review into Powerful Performance Coaching Conversations

Duration: 90 minutes

Speaker: Jeffrey Russell


Bonus for Each Registrant:The webinar speaker will answer one written question that you may submit by email within one week after the webinar.



Webinar Description

Too often, the annual performance review is a painful process for both the employee and the supervisor. Employees often approach the review with anxiety and even dread – feeling that an entire year of effort is being reduced to a single number on a five point scale. The supervisor approaches the review feeling ill-prepared at giving constructive feedback, not being sure how to structure the conversation to facilitate understanding, and wondering how the employee will respond to the feedback. It doesn’t have to be this way. Jeffrey Russell, noted HR consultant, will show you how a very simple process can turn the entire fear-inducing review process into a productive and fearless performance coaching conversation.





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