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Don't Let Financial Statements Intimidate You: Learn Basic Business Accounting

Duration: 90 minutes

Speaker: William R. Kay, MBA




Webinar Description

You are an effective businessperson, but are you familiar with basic business accounting? In this webinar, you will learn the language of finance and accounting; how to read balance sheets and income statements to determine the financial health of your business and your competitors' companies ; how to analyze retained earnings and cash flow statements; how to calculate key financial ratios, and more. You will engage in interactive exercises and be provided with relevant examples of financial statements that will help to reinforce learning and keep the session interesting and fun.



  1. Introduction to the Key Financial Statements

    • The Balance Sheet

    • The Income Statement

    • The Cash Flow Statement

    • Statement of Retained Earnings

    • Understanding the Accounting Process

    • The Five Types of Accounts and the Sixth if Paid

    • How the Financial Statements Work Together

  2. Accounting Concepts

    • Cash vs. Accrual-Basis Accounting

    • Inventory Valuation

    • FIFO, LIFO, Weighted Average

    • Depreciation Methods

    • Straight Line vs. Accelerated

  3. Key Business Drivers

    • Sales Growth

    • Profit Growth

    • Gross Margin, Operating Margin, Net Margin

    • Return on Assets

    • Return on Equity

    • EBIT

    • EBITDA

Participants will receive copies of the financial statements that will be discussed during the webinar as part of the downloadable materials.



This event will be presented live by phone together with a PowerPoint presentation to be viewed on your computer. Internet access is not required for phone-only participants. The PowerPoint slides will be provided shortly before the event. Once you register, you will receive an email which is your receipt and which includes your instructions for dialing in and logging on. You will also receive an email reminder 24 hours before the webinar.