Hot Sales Tax Issues in Multi-State and Internet Sales

Duration: 90 minutes

Speaker: Miles Hutchinson, CGM


Bonus for Each Registrant:The webinar speaker will answer one written question that you may submit by email within one week after the webinar.


Webinar Description

State governments are looking for new and innovative ways to raise revenue. Millions of dollars of interstate and internet sales occur daily without the collection of sales or use taxes.


In this 90 minute webinar by sales tax expert Miles Hutchinson, you will gain valuable insight into the complex issues of taxation of interstate and internet sales and the obligations of out-of-state (foreign) sellers to collect the destination state’s taxes. Learn about the landmark cases, including The National Bellas Hess Case, Quill v. ND and and v. State of NY. You will get up-to-date information about the bricks and mortar retailing giants and their disputes with numerous states about collection of taxes on internet sales. More important, you will learn how to avoid the problems these companies faced.


Learn the sales tax nexus triggers and the risks of not registering with a state taxing authority as a foreign business. Handle state nexus questionnaires with ease. Find out how to take the best corrective action if you discover you are out of compliance with applicable tax laws and regulations.

Mr. Hutchinson will provide answers to questions like: 
Will I owe taxes in more than one state for the same sale? 
When must I charge tax on my internet sales? 
Why is my drop shipper charging me tax? 
Why did I receive a NEXUS Questionnaire and what if I don’t respond to it?




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