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How to Communicate Financial Data to Non-Financial Executives and Managers

Duration: 90 minutes

Speaker: David Sanders


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Webinar Description

Communicating with non-financial executives or managers is a major challenge faced by Finance Managers, CFOs, and Controllers. It may be hard for some financial professionals to understand, but not everyone is a “numbers person.” Crunching numbers and analyzing spreadsheets come naturally for some, but for others, digging into numbers is not a task they want to do.


We can’t assume that non-financial executives are going to speak the same "lingo” as you do. Nor should we expect them to understand things like complex spreadsheets, densely numbered charts and graphs, and/or financial statements that we take for granted.


Crucial elements in your role as a finance leader include your ability to successfully present financial information, communicate clearly with the executive team, work well with others, and develop strong relationships across the organization. If you don’t possess these skill sets, you can count on the management team becoming frustrated due to a lack of understanding of the organization’s financial position.


Avoid the above situations. This practical, example and guidance-filled webinar will teach controllers and other financial executives the critical things to keep in mind when working and communicating with nonfinancial members of the executive team.





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