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How to Use the New IRC Section 199A Income Reduction for Pass-throughs, REITS and Owners of Trades or Businesses

Tuesday, July 9, 2019 at 12:00 pm ET

Duration: 90 minutes

Speaker: Miles Hutchinson

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Webinar Description

Internal Revenue Code Section 199A provides the opportunity for beneficial owners of pass-through businesses and owners of many other trades or businesses to take a deduction for up to 20% of Qualified Business Income plus 20% of REIT dividends and qualified publicly traded partnership income.  The catch – Specified Service Trades or Businesses (SSTBs) and the trade or business of providing services as an employee are not eligible unless taxable income is below certain thresholds.  The credit is also subject to other limitations and phase-outs.  The IRS published final regulations in January of 2019.  Not surprising, they are complex and require a careful read.  We have digested them and are offering you a webinar session that in just 90 minutes will provide you with the knowledge you need about this important tax break.


In this practical webinar, you will learn to navigate section 199A and identify the key opportunities and issues for you and your taxpayer/clients.  You will also receive a list of valuable resources to support you with your more challenging situations.



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