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Managing Problem Employees You “Inherited”:  How to Avoid Supervisory Minefields

Duration: 90 minutes

Speaker: Teri Morning



Webinar Description

New managers want to create an environment in which employees are engaged and motivated to do their best job every day.  Managers want their people to be productive, happy and performing. After all, we often spend more time with our coworkers than with our families!


However, every manager who takes over a new staff will almost inevitably inherit at least one dysfunctional and/or non-performing employee. These employees can torpedo not just group results but also the manager’s performance and reputation.  


Recognizing and handling dysfunctional employees can be hard for even the most experienced manager and is always time consuming. However, you can never have a fully functioning team and the respect of your employees if you don’t step up and handle these people problems.  A manager can even lose the respect of the whole team based on his or her inability to contain the effects of just one dysfunctional employee.


Dysfunctional employees can be hard to spot. In fact, often they will be the first to welcome you to your new job or department. By the time an unaware manager realizes with whom he or she is now dealing, the problem has likely escalated and spread.  A problem employee can even cost a new manager their own job.





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