Non-Exempt Employees:  Are They On The Clock?

Duration: 90 minutes

Speaker: Pamela Shull



Webinar Description

In 2013, a company had to pay its employees $3.4 million in back pay because they docked them for all their 10 and 15 minute rest breaks.  In 2007, another company had to pay 3000 employees $7.35 million in back pay because of long-punching and rounding violations.


It’s easy to know you have to pay an employee when they are sitting in front of you working.  But what if they are traveling for your business?  What if they are on-call for the weekend?  How do you know when to pay a nonexempt employee when it’s not so easy to figure out?


Many payroll professionals, supervisors, managers and owners make huge mistakes in maintaining policies that contradict the Fair Labor Standards Act regarding long-punching, rounding, unauthorized overtime rules, travel policies, etc.  The penalties could include retroactive payments for up to 3 years and back paying the employees 3 times the amount of what they should have received in the first place.


This webinar is designed to answer those questions so, as a payroll professional, you will know when an employee is on-the-clock in situations when it’s not that easy to tell. 





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