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Off The Clock But Still on the Hook: Your Liability for Employees' Off-the-Job Acts

Duration: 90 minutes

Speaker: Robert Gregg



Webinar Description

Off the clock is not off the hook for employer liability. What is "off the clock" for wage and hours and FMLA purposes? When can customers or the public sue the company and the HR Director personally for employees’ non-paid-time acts? Are you as the employer liable for what a worker did on vacation? Under what circumstances can a minor sue the company for the off-work sexual misconduct of an ex-employee? Can an after-work happy hour be a liability? Can an employer fire workers (including you) for “private” activities off the job (blogs, chat rooms, social activities)? Where are the lines drawn between an invasion of an employee’s privacy and employer responsibility and liability to the public? This webinar will teach you how employee conduct during “off hours” can result in employer liability. We will also provide effective practice and policy advice your company can adopt to protect itself and its managers from this growing source of liability.





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