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Payroll Issues with Child Support Withholding

Duration: 90 minutes

Speaker: David Sanders


Webinar Description

Keeping up with wage garnishment laws can be overwhelming for payroll professional. Have you ever felt lost or confused when you received a child support order or multiple orders? 


It is important to know that if the payroll department does not follow certain procedures and withhold the correct amount, your company or you personally could be liable for the child support withholding. Additionally, your company could wind up paying the child support order and reimbursing the employee for the amount incorrectly withheld.


Did you know that employers are still the responsible party even if that company outsourced its payroll and related tax duties to a third-party payroll service provider that miscalculated the garnishment amount? Do not believe the myth "My company is not liable."


This information-rich webinar will advise you of what you need to know regarding proper treatment of child support orders.





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