Park Avenue Presentations

Payroll Update for 2016—Required Changes in Payroll Policies and Practices

Duration: 90 minutes

Speaker: David Sanders


Bonus for Each Registrant:The webinar speaker will answer one written question that you may submit by email within one week after the webinar.


Webinar Description

Whenever there are changes to federal and/or state wage and hour laws, many companies aren’t sure how those changes impact their payroll policies and practices.  With the probability of significant changes in Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) regulations in 2016, needed updates to accrual leave policies and the recordkeeping requirements of the Affordable Care Act, payroll professionals are sometimes confused as to what they need to do differently in processing payroll. 


This webinar is designed to help payroll professionals understand how to prepare for changes that will impact their ability to comply with law and regulations.  Upon completion of this webinar, participants will have an understanding of what changes to prepare for in 2016 and how those changes will impact  their payroll department.






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