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Record Retention and Destruction: How to Develop Best Practices

Duration: 90 minutes

Speaker: David Sanders


Webinar Description

The process of organizing, storing and archiving your organization's records is critical for business success. You need to know what information to store, where to store it, how long to store it and software requirements to access the stored data to ensure the organization is in compliance with government regulations. Just one misstep could lead to legal issues, fines, investigation and possible litigation.  If your organization has ever been through a wage and hour audit, unemployment claim, worker compensation hearing or litigation, you know the value of good record keeping.


Don't spend one more day struggling with crammed file cabinets, multiple thumb drives, and CD's looking for the information you need. Better information and record storage compliance will provide you with faster reaction and data integrity that will lead to improved productivity, increased efficiency and provide a competitive advantage!  


This webinar will give you best practice techniques, strategies for developing a record retention and destruction process that will save you time and effort in retrieving, archiving and destroying documents.





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