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Religion in the Workplace

Duration: 90 minutes

Speaker: Robert Gregg



Webinar Description

Religion in the workplace is one of the fastest growing and most confusing areas in employment discrimination. The EEOC has issued extensive guidelines on the topic. Religion is a serious matter for those of faith, those without faith, and employers who must balance increasingly complex issues, accommodations and conflicts. Most employers may not discriminate based on religion, must reasonably accommodate religious beliefs and practices, and must protect other employees against the unwelcome religious behaviors of their co-workers or managers. Yet, some companies can openly and legally engage in religious discrimination. You need to know where your company fits in and what rules it needs to follow. 

The answer to the question what is a "religion" may surprise you. The courts have found that even Atheists have a "creed" which qualifies as "religion" and must be reasonably accommodated! Employers can be placed in "no-win" situations when the religious-based demands of one person conflict with the beliefs or rights of others. 

If you attend this webinar, you will learn the fundamentals about religion in the workplace, employee rights, employer responsibilities and take away useful, practical guidance on these complex issues. At the completion of the webinar you will know: what are the workplace rights of people of faith; what is "reasonable" accommodation; where does protected religious behavior cross into harassment of other employees, clients and customers; what should an employer do when discussions/arguments about religious conflicts or wars in other parts of the world spill into your workplace.



  1. Foundation

    1. First Amendment

    2. Title VII and EEOC Guidelines

    3. 42 U.S. Code §1981

  2. What is a "religion" under the law?

    1. Right to have a religion

    2. Right to be free from religion

    3. Exceptions for "religious employers"

  3. Reasonable Accommodations

    1. The interactive process

    2. Common issues of accommodation

    3. Right to be a person of faith

    4. What is "reasonable"?

  4. Restrictions on religious behaviors

    1. "Valid" company policy

    2. Inflicting unwelcome attention on others

  5. Questions and Answers



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