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TIN Matching and B Notices: Best Practices to Minimize Errors on IRS Form 1099 Information Returns

Duration: 90 minutes

Speaker: Miles Hutchinson



Webinar Description

Filing a Form 1099 for your vendors that contains wrong information wastes your time and could cost you money.  How do you know your vendor’s W-9s are correct?  What are the consequences of filing incorrect name and ID numbers in your 1099s? With the use of TIN Matching, you can move your company toward full Form 1099 compliance, improve efficiency, standardize processes, and compile adequate documentation to ensure your 1099s contain accurate information that will agree with the IRS’s records.  You will all but eliminate your B-Notices from the IRS!


Discover the power of the TIN Matching system.  Learn how to handle the CP-2100 notices from the IRS and avoid the fines and penalties for failure to comply in a timely manner with the B-Notice requirements. Understand the difference between the 1st and 2nd B-Notice and the related differences in required vendor responses.  Be sure you institute and stop Backup Withholding when required.


Experienced CPA and businessman Miles Hutchinson will explain the best practices to help you ensure your W-9 information matches that of the IRS – before the 1099s go out – even before making the first payment to a new vendor. He will show you how to handle most efficiently the few B-Notices that might sneak through and help ensure that your company never has to pay a penalty for failure to comply with these burdensome regulatory requirements.





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