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Travel Pay and Entertainment Reimbursement: Do You Comply with the Law?

Thursday, February 21, 2019 at 12:00 pm ET

Duration: 90 minutes

Speaker: Miles Hutchinson

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Webinar Description

What are the rules regarding when an employee must be compensated for time and expenses incurred while traveling on company business or for entertaining customers or suppliers? They are complex and confusing. There are many issues involved, such as the use by an employee of his or her own vehicle, the use of a company owned vehicle, the proper administration of and accounting for travel pay and entertainment reimbursement, and the best way to handle suspected abuses by employees of an employer's travel and entertainment policy.

Learn the requirements for payment of travel time to ensure you comply with the requirements under the Portal Act and the requirements for documenting business travel, meals and entertainment expense to ensure you can take full advantage of the deductions allowed under the Internal Revenue Code and its regulations. Find out when an employee's meal is 100% deductible and when it is only 50% deductible. Understand the limitations on personal travel and entertainment mixed with business travel and entertainment. Ensure that your records will stand the scrutiny of a compensation or tax audit.

Experienced CGMA and businessman Miles Hutchinson will review the law regarding travel compensation and travel and expense reimbursement. He will provide practical guidance in these areas that have become the subject of increasing wage and hour claims and IRS scrutiny.




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