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Controller’s Workshop: Learn Best Practices

Duration: 90 minutes

Speaker: David Sanders


Webinar Description

A controller’s job has changed! Knowing the numbers inside and out isn’t good enough anymore. The demands on a modern enterprise, including rapid integration of multi-departmental financial and operational data, have resulted in the corporate controller’s role becoming multi-dimensional.

Today a controller is expected to be an auditor; analyst; business partner; business advisor; cost accountant; omniscient budgeter; number cruncher extraordinaire; management accountant; revenue-stream manager; and, yes, a bean counter. To stay effective as a controller and add greater value to your organization, you must keep your core knowledge and skill sets up-to-date, as well as gaining proficiency in all aspects of your enterprise.

This 90 minute webinar will help new and experienced controllers in any organization recognize and effectively engage with the current demands of this vital business function. And, you’ll discover how to improve your impact in different areas such as strategic, tactical, operational, financial, and regulatory risk.

If you want to learn the latest strategies and best practices of the controller’s job, then you won’t want to miss this webinar.


Participants will learn how to:



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