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How to Successfully Onboard New Employees

Duration: 90 minutes

Speaker: Deirdre Kamber Todd, Esq.


Webinar Description

When we hire new employees, we expect them to seamlessly fit in, hit the ground running, and excel in their jobs….all for the discount price of their salary.  Yet for anyone who has been actively trying to hire new employees, you know this approach is not working.  Entrenched in the Great Resignation of 2022-23, it is indisputable that new hires are not willing to sign on at any cost.  They want to cared about.  They want to work from home at least part of the time.  They want to feel engaged in a joint effort.  And if they don’t get these softer benefits, they are out the door often before your investment in them has been returned.  This disconnect between hiring and retention has cost employers thousands of dollars and massive headaches in maintaining a successful workplace.  Even where the employee takes the job, more often than not, they are already planning to quit or quietly quit before a year has passed.  

Are there solutions to this ongoing dissonance?  It turns out that there are, and the solutions are attainable with a bit of course readjustment.  The first step in solving the lack of hiring is moving from “hiring” to “onboarding”.  While the term “onboarding” has been around for decades, its importance has never been greater.  In short, if you want to hire talent and keep it, it all starts with a single step…onboarding your employees properly.

This webinar will take you through the proper way to onboard new employees, from before they start until six months after their first day on the job.  We will discuss the role of the C-Suite, HR, management and coworkers with new employees.  We will discuss third party entities that can assist with onboarding.  We’ll give you a calendar of events for your onboarding process.  This program is about real-world solutions, backed by social scientific data, to keep your new hires with you through thick and thin.






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