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Inside Job: Internal Cyber-Threats: How you Can Protect Your Organization

Duration: 90 minutes

Speaker: Peter Goldmann



Webinar Description

Companies of all sizes are victims of internal cyber-attacks.  These are often harder to detect than threats from outside hackers, since insider not only have easier access to sensitive data, they know how to cover their tracks.


According to the 2015 Insider Threat Spotlight Report, 62 per cent of security professionals are seeing a rise in insider attacks on the secure data of their clients. Such data includes customer credit card information, banking information, vendor data, medical records and trade secrets.


In addition, insiders are responsible for a growing number of incidents of computer network sabotage, identity fraud, intellectual property theft and extortion.


This timely webinar by cyber-security expert Peter Goldmann discusses the most current and dangerous elements of  insider information attacks and how to protect your organization from this growing threat.





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