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Managing Employees with Chronic Health Conditions while Meeting ADA and FMLA Requirements

Duration: 90 minutes

Speaker: Dr. Jim Castagnera, Esq.


Webinar Description

Employees with chronic health conditions --- such as heart disease, type-2 diabetes, and arthritis, to name but a few --- enjoy the same rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Family Medical Leave Act as do all other persons with disabilities and illnesses. Finding the right balance between workplace efficiency and compassionate leadership, while walking the legal tightrope as well, requires knowledge and finesse.


The challenge frequently is enhanced by the complications of chronic illness and pain. Along with the underlying condition and the overt symptoms may come depression, drug dependence and unpredictable absenteeism. Fashioning reasonable accommodations that meet the employee's legitimate needs, while avoiding undue hardship for the organization and its other employees, is one of the most demanding challenges facing management and HR in the modem American workplace.


How large a challenge are we talking about? Available data indicate that one in four American adults suffers from two or more chronic health issues ... most commonly cancer, stroke, diabetes, arthritis, and/or obesity. How best to deal with this looming workplace challenge?





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