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Understanding Contracts: What Every CFO Needs to Know About Contract Law

Duration: 90 minutes

Speaker: Dr. Jim Castagnera, Esq.


Webinar Description

The CFO is often the company's last line of defense against crippling errors and omissions, the enterprise's anchor in the turmoil of today's economic, financial and political sea changes. Particularly in organizations unequipped with a legal department, the chief financial Officer is frequently forced to function as part lawyer, part auditor, and part risk manager. A firm foundation of contract law is the bedrock on which the savvy CFO builds a sophisticated mastery of the day-to-day dealings that define the firm's business.


This webinar moves quickly from a few fundamental concepts - offer, acceptance, consideration - to more sophisticated contract elements, such as warranties and indemnifications. Of high utility to many participants will be a focus on when a contract has been fully formed. This emphasis goes to the common concern of many corporate financial officers with the timely- but not premature - authorization of commissions, progress payments, installment fees, and other obligations contingent upon complex terms and conditions. In short, this webinar is geared to the kinds of legal issues that regularly challenge CFOs.






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